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My Name is Josef Stetter and I've helped over 11,000 people, fire their boss, get their well deserved pay raise or promotion and land their dream job. And now you can get access to the same system I've used to help others.

The media outlets and articles you see below are just a few features I have been blessed to be a part of thanks to my Land Your Dream Job System.

Josef`s Course “Land your dream job” was a game change to me. I wish I know this information earlier during my job search. The amount of resources and information is super useful. Josef hints and tricks about job hunting and how the real hiring world works will save you much time and unnecessary effort. Thanks, Josef.
I hired Josef as a career coach and thanks to his resume and interview tips I had in a few weeks more interviews than I had in a while. He was supportive all the way and gave me a lot of resources for my job search. I highly recommend his services. Thanks, Josef.

Dear Job Seeker,

You’re a graduate or corporate professional looking to land your dream job for quite some time now.

You’re not getting any call backs for the interviews…

Or maybe you’ve taken some interviews but have not received callbacks from those interviews…

Now you find yourself a total failure after taking all these interviews with no positive results…

Or maybe,

You’re stuck in a rut from your soul-draining 9-to-5 job…

You aren’t getting the praises or acknowledgement, incentives, and bonuses you deserve for all of your efforts…

You wake up frustrated every morning finding yourself helpless, hopeless, and powerless…

You let your job grind you for the whole week…

And when the week comes to an end, your toxic boss hands you even more work and ruins your weekend plan…

SOMETHING has to give!

If this sounds anything like you…

Then let me ask you a question?

How would you react if I told you I can help you land your dream job or switch to the job you love the most in as little as 2 days… (even if you have no prior experience in writing resumes, taking interviews, or with job portals)?

I’m sure, you’ll slap your forehead, like…

Heck YES! That’s what I’m desperately looking for…

Because, if you could land your dream job, ultimately, that would mean you could enjoy your work, feel more alive, and enjoy the weekends with your friends and family, right?

Now, you’re here because you’ve struggled all this way alone and you’re wondering what step to take next:

  • You don’t know: How to write a job-winning resume that gets more eye-balls and stands out from the crowd
  • You aren’t getting the calls back from job interviewers, saying. “You’re HIRED”
  • You find yourself not good enough to pass the interviews
  • You become nervous when you even think about the interviews
  • You don’t know the insider’s secrets to pass an interviews


  • You are already stuck in a soul-sucking job
  • Your toxic boss always ruins your day and even weekends
  • You find it difficult to switch your job
  • You’re constantly missing your friends and family gatherings all because of the demands of your work
  • You aren’t getting the appraisals, incentives, or bonuses and find yourself powerless & miserable

And on top of that…

You’re still asking yourself these questions…

  • How do I find and land my dream job?
  • How do I write a job-winning resume?
  • How can I “WOW” the interviewers?
  • Which job portals should I use?
  • Is there any easier, simpler, and quicker way that can help me to land a job I love?

And finally, to make matters even worse, you sometimes feel like you are gonna die poor and miserable…

As if…

The whole universe is against you and nothing will work for you at all…

Well I have good news for you my friend…

Joseph, is a highly driven and genuine professional. A fantastic communicator and exceptional listener. I have had the privilege to council with Joseph when I need a re-focus my business in my fifth year, Joseph and I brain storm and speak with my mentor and partner about real entrepreneur issues.
Cédric Larigaldie
Ontario, Canada
I highly recommend him for his services. He put an excellent resume together for me. He also provided consulting for me and places where there are job opportunities available to me in my field.
Guy Johnson III
Retail Sales at T-Mobile

Let me tell you exactly how you’re feeling right now because I have been in your shoes before. I’ve switched my career more than 9 times…

Now, imagine landing your dream job in as little as 2 days…

Imagine getting that interview call you’ve been waiting on for so long…

Imagine taking the interview for that job effortlessly and confidently…keeping it all-natural…

Visualize yourself, having a smooth and relaxed conversation with even the toughest interviewers….yet you have complete control of everything happening in that moment…

Imagine yourself bursting with confidence while “WOWING” the interviewer…

Think about the confidence and peace of mind you will feel if you could do this in an interview at any time. You would be experiencing unshakeable confidence, wouldn’t you?

Now Imagine how different your life would be if you could land the job your heart and soul desire the most…

If this sounds like you…

Pay very close attention to what I’m about to say…

Hello, my name is Josef Setter

I’m an award-winning and bestselling author who wrote the Book “Congratulation! You’re hired it was easier than you thought secrets to land your dream jobs revealed” and 10 other books.

I have personally helped 11,000 people with a 90% success rate to land them the job they love the most and earn more money.

I’ve recruited for companies like, Apotex Pharmaceuticals, Deloitte & Touche, Aecon Construction, Tata Consulting Services, Aviva, Sketchers shoes, and more!

I’ll take your entire headache away and help you land your dream job by sharing advanced strategies and insiders’ secrets I’ve gained over the past years of experience.

Joe is a funny brilliant entrepreneur with exceptional know-how in his field which came through loud and clear in our preliminary consulting call. He was quick to define what we needed and provided suggestions and strategy for success. His confidence, experience and enthusiasm went right to work!
Andrea Nadon
CoFounder / Travel Agents Take Action
Josef’s positive attitude, listening skills, and ability to coach assisted Campus Support in their A+ system roll-out. Five Canadian provinces, thirty-five branches, and over one-hundred constituents participated in A+. Josef’s ability to remain composed, and his drive to represent excellence allowed our B.C. branches to receive, use, and implement the A+ program effectively. Thanks, Josef.
Glen Semthurst

But don’t just take my words for it. See What All The HYPE’S About…

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  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile like a Professional to attract more companies and managers—
  • How to negotiate the salary and get the salary you want
  • You’ll learn the art of networking and social media job searches
  • You’ll learn how to beat the job boards and eliminate your competitors
  • You’ll be given books, white pages, and every possible resource that will help you land your dream job within no time

And a lot more!

This is just the tip of the iceberg…

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