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Award Winning & International Best-Selling Author of “Canada Congratulations you are hired: It was easier than you thought” & “USA Congratulations you are hired: It was easier than you thought, Secrets to landing your dream job” revealed and 6 other books.


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Stand Out from the Competition

I can help applicants create a standout resume that grabs the attention of potential employers. This can be achieved by highlighting the applicant's strengths, achievements, and relevant skills in a way that is tailored to the job they are applying for.

Save Time and Effort

Crafting a high-quality resume can be a time-consuming and daunting task. By hiring me, applicants can save time and effort by entrusting the task to a professional who has the expertise and experience to create a resume that effectively showcases their skills and achievements.

Increase The Chances of Getting Hired

With a well-crafted resume, applicants can increase their chances of getting hired. This is because a good resume can effectively communicate the applicant's skills and qualifications to the employer, which can make them stand out from the competition.

Gain Confidence

Crafting a resume can be stressful, especially if an applicant is unsure about what to include or how to format it. By hiring me, applicants can gain confidence in their resume, knowing that it has been created by a professional who has their best interests in mind.

Unleash Your Career Potential with Josef Stetter

Discover the difference expert career guidance can make with Josef Stetter, your personal career counselor, resume whisperer, and job seeker ally. With personalized strategies and proven techniques, Josef empowers you to confidently navigate your job search, create compelling resumes, and successfully land the position you’ve always wanted. Elevate your career today with tailored advice and support from an experienced professional who knows what it takes to succeed.


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Designed to keep you informed about the latest trends, news, and best practices in the job market. This can include updates on industry-specific job opportunities, changes in hiring practices, and tips for job seekers.


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As a career counselor and expert in resumes, my newsletter provides you with access to expert advice and insights on job hunting. This can help you make informed decisions about your career and provide you with strategies for success.


Exclusive Resources

Have access to exclusive resources, including templates for resumes and cover letters, interview tips, and job search strategies. These resources are designed to help you create a strong job application and stand out from the competition.

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About me

Who is Josef Stetter?

For over 16 years, Josef Stetter has incorporated humour, energy, passion and full self-expression into his personal and professional life.

  • Award Winning & International Best-Selling Author of Canada Congratulations you are hired: It was easier than you thought & USA Congratulations you are hired: It was easier than you thought, Secrets to landing your dream job revealed and 6 other books.
  • Award winning Speaker and Guinness World Record Participant
  • Didn’t know what I want to do when I grow up so switched careers 9 X and jobs 17 times
  • Work in Recruitment. Clients have included: Deloitte & Touche, Aecon Construction, Tata Consulting Services, Canon, Aviva, Skechers Shoes and more!
  • Personally, helped over 11,000 find a job they love with a 90% success rate of finding anyone employment in any field in under 3 months with proven systems. Fastest helped people land a great role is 2 days.
  • Josef Stetter brings forth an interesting twist to getting things done and achieving results that go well beyond expectations.
  • Josef Stetter helps you take the headache out of navigating the abyss of job searching or hiring by sharing advanced strategies that maximize results. He understands the importance of clear, concise, confident and conversational communication to generate results that are truly unbelievable!!!

What My Clients are Saying

Josef`s Course “Land your dream job” was a game change to me. I wish I know this information earlier during my job search. The amount of resources and information is super useful. Josef hints and tricks about job hunting and how the real hiring world works will save you much time and unnecessary effort. Thanks, Josef.
I hired Josef as a career coach and thanks to his resume and interview tips I had in a few weeks more interviews than I had in a while. He was supportive all the way and gave me a lot of resources for my job search. I highly recommend his services. Thanks, Josef.